Feb 14-16, 2019
3 Days       7 Venues      23 Artists
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Water City Racket Fest II is a 3-day original music festival February 14-16, 2019 featuring 23 music artists performing in downtown Oshkosh at five venues. Headquartered at the Algoma Club, the festival in 2019 will feature nearly 30 sets by musicians from throughout the midwest.

Racket Fest 2019 is sponsored by the Fifth Ward Brewing and produced by the Oshkosh Independent, with design support from Offbeat Press. Additional sponsors will be announced in December 2018.

Racket Fest has also expanded to produce the year-long Independent Racket Nights music series. The 2019 series will feature 24 bands at 5 rotating venues. We also produce Racket Fest Radio, aired Weds (4:30pm) and Sats (8pm) on WOCT 101.9fm, featuring original music from many of the local and regional artists who perform in the Oshkosh area.

Water City
Racket Fest
Feb 14-16, 2019

Racket Nights

Fifth Ward
Water City Racket Fest II
FEB 14
Fletch’s Tap House

Free Kick Off Night

8:00pm: Noell Kaylene (osh)
8:40pm: The Present Age (osh)
9:45pm: Pudge (appleton)
9:40pm:  Independent Racket Nights musician group photo
Release of “Racket Fest II” Compilation CD. Limited run of just 75 copies.
Thu only: Racket Fest II CD half off (just $3) with purchase of weekend pass
FEB 15
Dinner @ Manila
5:15pm: Steev Baker (madison)
6:15pm: Adelyn Rose (mpls)
Algoma Club
Doors at 7pm
7:30pm: Bottom of the Lake (osh)
8:30pm: CONTROL (madison)
9:30pm: Good Night Gold Dust (mankato, mn)
10:45pm: Redshift Headlights (osh)
Peabody’s DJ Nite
10pm – 2am
feat. Moziac & DJ G-Spot
Farmer’s Market
8:30am: Noell Kaylene (osh)
9:00am: Adelyn Rose (mpls)
11am: Faux Fawn (madison)
Public Library

Listen & Learn Series

9:15am: Asumaya (madison)
10:00am: Copper Box duo (osh)
11:00am: Nickel & Rose (mke)
Lunch @ Fletch’s
12:15pm: Good Night Gold Dust acoustic (mankato, mn)
1:30pm: Freddie Hass & Tate Sampson duo (appleton)
Dinner @ Manila
5:15pm:  Sighs (appleton)
6:00pm:  Nickel&Rose (mke)
Algoma Club
Doors at 6:30pm
7:30pm: Spy vs Spy (osh)
8:30pm: Faux Fawn (madison)
9:30pm: Gauss (mke)
10:45pm: Horace Greene (osh)
Reptile Palace
10:30pm: Cricket (osh)
11:30pm: Redhawks (appleton)
12:30am: Solar Max (osh)

Water City Racket Fest

Independent Racket Nights


Thank you to our 2018 sponsors: The Exclusive Company, Fifth Ward Brewing, Atomic Katz, Heid Music, Westshore Acupuncture, Rhapsodies, Klassy Kids Consignment, Manila Resto, Offbeat Press, Downtown Oshkosh, the Algoma Club, Oshkosh Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and the Oshkosh Independent.

Racket Fest Radio on 101.9 FM
Music of the bands from Water City Racket Fest & the Independent Racket Nights series
Racket Fest Spotify Playlist
Official playlist of Water City Racket Fest
Racket Fest Podcast
On demand radio shows featuring tracks by many Racket Fest musicians